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Yow-Tech MagFlag

Our version of the chamber flag has reinvented safety at matches.


We were getting tired of loosing chamber flags when moving my rifle from the shooting line to storage stand. I am also not a fan of jamming plastic in a hot hole....I said plastic!!

We designed an innovative snap in - snap out chamber block that will also prevent the bolt from moving forward.   In combination with our one piece and sprung design we include several flag choices to insure the RO (range officer) will be off your back.

  Our Newest version is based on AICS 5rd Magazine and will work in any Short Action 700 Chassis designed to accept a 5rd AICS Magazine format.  Will be testing in other bolt actions ASAP.

Currently the MagFlag will work with Vudoo and RimX actions in all chassis.

*US Patent Pending on all three versions

DESIGNED and TESTED in TEXAS ....ya'll

Thanks to Mark , Tracey, Dave, Aaron, Will and all Valley Precision  Rifle Shooters for help and feedback!!

We support NRL22

Customer Feedback from August 26th, 2019

Just wanted to write a note and express how pleased I am with the AICS Mag Flag, I purchased a few weeks ago. I shoot a lot of PRS style matches up here in the North East, and I made the switch from a traditional chamber flag for several reasons:


-I would often insert a full magazine at the beginning of a stage, and forget to remove the chamber flag, only to realize when I went to chamber my first round, causing a malfunction and wasting precious time.

-I never liked the idea of inserting a plastic rod into a hot rifle chamber

-my bolt would flop around, back and forth, as I lugged the rifle from stage to stage.


With my new mag flag, all of these issues are resolved! Great product, and FYI, it works extremely well in the Ruger Precision Rifle.

YowTech customer pic.jpg


Precision DESIGN

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