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I will ship all products out within 2 days and insure most will be out the same day.  If you have any special shipping needs please add a note to your order during checkout.  


For the local folks that would like to dodge the shipping and pick up their order, please email me to arrange for delivery locally.    

Thanks for your continued support for this small company attempting to push our sport further.



 If you receive any damage or incomplete product please email me ASAP.  I will accept the product back within 2 weeks or will send out replacement in 2 days.


For what ever reason you are not happy with the product or how it functions please contact me to arrange for return or replacement.  Regarding the DOPE Card holder, with the various Picatinny rails on the market I have sized the mount to work with rails that meet MIL SPEC dimensions.  If your rail does not allow the system to snap on securely or is too tight please give me an opportunity to make a custom snap for your rail.


Precision DESIGN

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