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Yow-Tech DOPE Card Holder V3

Card Frame YowTech V3 drawing a.JPG

D.O.P.E is either Data On Personal Equipment or Data Observed from Previous Engagements.

Regardless under the clock you need to have the correct information at the correct time and your Data presented in the clearest way to your shooting position.   The YowTech DOPE Card Solutions attempts to do that in your own hand writing!!!     The system will attach to  a dimensionally correct picatinny rail and needs to have a minimum of 2.5mm of clearance (NEW!!) between top of your rail and scope.  See image below with ARC rings. The complete system installs and uninstalls without tools in seconds.  For non-compliant picatinny rails the system can lock on by bending the bendi...Yes I said bend the bendi.     

We have received lots of feedback on the design and made 4 big changes.  


First, The card size and card type has been changed.   Based on feedback from national shooters we redesigned the holder to accommodate a more robust card that is as thick as a credit card.

Second we changed the way the holder is assembled.  We now use screws vs. glue to build a very strong product.

Third, we once again changed the rail clamp material to an even stronger and less brittle Carbon fiber filled resin that can survive the heat without deformation.  

Forth, we changed the pen to correctable version with an intergraded eraser.  

Included in your YowTech DOPE Card Solution:

  • DOPE Card Solution in Black, Tan, or Green

  • Bendi thing in black

  • Picatinny mount

  • 3 washable DOPE Cards

  • Correctable marker in Black Fine or Pro Pack of 4 colors in Super Fine


Recent Message Received Jan 31st 2019

Short Text Field: Thank you

Message: Hi, I was going to handwrite a thank you to you, but I did not locate a mailing address. So, I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU for being a sponsor of the NRL22. I won a D.O.P.E. System in the January drawing. We have mounted it on my .22 and I really like being able to have my calibrations right there on my card on the gun. Thank you again, I truly appreciate the gift!!! Sincerely, Susan



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