We are excited to announce the end all chamber flag reinvented.

Now with Bolt Cord option, which is a para cord added to MagFlag to keep bolt forward.

The Yow-Tech Mag Flag!!!


With all the request we have recived for PRS specific action and chassis solutions, I have taken the design a different direction that is based on the ACIS 5rd Magazine. We NOW are compatible with all Short Action 700 style actions including Vudoo rimfire and chassis that accept an ACIS mag!!! This is huge leap forward in compatibility for common chamber flag system that can be use across most of the rifles in PRS compitition today. The "Mag Flag" is a bit unconventional, but it checks all the boxes below:

  • Prevents loaded magazine to be loaded

  • Indicates that bolt is blocked with bright color visiable from extraction area.

    • Safety Orange, Red, and Yellow color options.

  • Mechanicaly prevents bolt from moving forward.

  • Has holes that indicate there are not rounds in this Yow-Tech Mag Flag

  • Safety indicator flag included of your choice in style and color (see site for options)

  • California compliant (0 round mag??)) ha ha


100% Garentee compatiability with chassis that can accept 5 round SHORT ACTION ACIS format magazines.


Tested in the following chassis:

  • KRG Whiskey 3 - Gen6 - short action
  • Masterpiece arms MPA BA Compotition - short action
  • Magpul Rem 700 Pro
  • Magpul Rem 700 Hunter

Mag Flag AICS

Mag Color
Flag Color
Bolt Cord
  • If you do not like or have any issue with quality, I will refund or replace any item.  No questions....Yow


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