Now all orders are shipped with Paracord, free of charge!!!


We are excited to announce the end all chamber flag reinvented.

Now with Bolt Cord option, which is a para cord added to MagFlag to keep bolt forward.

The Yow-Tech Mag Flag!!!


NOW will work with RimX actions as well as Vudoo!!


This version is specific to the Vudoo V-22 action based on an ACIS 5rd Magazine. This version of the MagFlag is to be used with a Vudoo rimfire action and chassis that accept an ACIS mag. The "Mag Flag" is a bit unconventional, but it checks all the boxes below:

  • Prevents loaded magazine to be loaded

  • Indicates that bolt is blocked with bright color visiable from extraction area.

    • Safety Orange, Red, and Yellow color options.

  • Mechanicaly prevents bolt from moving forward.

  • Has holes that indicate there are not rounds in this Yow-Tech Mag Flag

  • Safety indicator flag included of your choice in style and color (see site for options)

  • California compliant (0 round mag??)) ha ha


100% Garentee compatiability with chassis that can accept 5 round SHORT ACTION ACIS format magazines.


Tested in the following chassis:

  • KRG Whiskey 3 - Gen6 - short action
  • Masterpiece arms MPA BA Compotition - short action
  • Magpul Rem 700 Pro
  • Magpul Rem 700 Hunter
  • JAE 700 SA
  • Vudoo
  • RimX
  • Bergara B-14 Series Rifles

Mag Flag -22 AICS

Excluding Sales Tax
Mag Color
  • If you do not like or have any issue with quality, I will refund or replace any item.  No questions....Yow


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